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H4Photo Student Work Experience

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As two Year 10 photography students who go to King’s School in Winchester Hampshire, we spent a few days at H4Photo for our work experience this year. One of our projects was to make a pinhole camera using craft items, most of which you may already have at home!

We also had an opportunity to practise our studio portrait photography on each other and we even got to do some children’s photography with a real H4Photo client – nerve wracking stuff! We got to use 2 of Jill’s manual film cameras to shoot some images for our coursework. To see our gallery of images from the week, please click here: Click on this link

Making a pinhole camera is fun and easy to do!

We thought you might like to see how we got on with making and using our pinhole cameras – we hope you enjoy reading all about it!

We used the Orms TV template and instructions that we found online and plenty of supplies from a successful and enjoyable trip to Hobbycraft. It took quite a while to cut everything out and stick it to some thick, black card, then cut it out again. We also found the task of assembling the card into something that at least looked relatively similar to the instructions, pretty tricky. Instead of using glue (which definitely would NOT have held the camera together) we turned to gorilla tape, although it didn’t look as pretty, we had a camera that wasn’t about to fall apart and was fully protected from any light exposure.

 The hardest part or the project was putting the film into the camera! Yes, it may not sound that bad, but when you can’t see what you’re doing because your hands (and the camera) are inside a changing bag, which is a portable dark room used for changing film out in the field, then it’s considerably more difficult. You must make sure you are doing a number of things correctly such as: Lining up the holes as perfectly as possible, making sure you’ve wound the film as tightly as you can and put the case back on, not to mention the fact that you can only hope you’ve done it right!

The pinhole camera works by firstly turning the knob on top 360 degrees. This moves the film inside to the correct position where it will be exposed to light. To let the light in, you must open the shutter on the front very carefully, trying not to shake the whole camera. Make sure that before you do this, the camera is pointing at what you want to photograph! You need to raise the camera slightly higher than where you see through the viewfinder because otherwise you won’t capture the whole image you want.  The reason for this is that the viewfinder is above the pinhole. Keep the camera as steady as you can, then close the shutter again. This creates your photo. Turn the knob on top another 360 degrees each time you want to take a new picture. Once you’ve taken all the photos you want, you will need to develop the film.

Once we had finished making our cameras, we went to historic city of Winchester to take some photos using our pinhole cameras and our digital cameras, so we can compare them and get the biggest range of photos that we could. We took photos of various things including architecture, nature and people who where kind enough to let us. Judging whether it was sunny or cloudy, we determined how long to open the shutter for.  If it was sunny, we only opened it for a few seconds but if it was a bit cloudier it was about 10 seconds. We also had to be very careful when taking the photos to keep the camera still to avoid blurry images.  We were also taking images related to our course, which is light and dark and choice of colour, both of us have incorporated the street photography into our course work so we mainly focused on that. Making these pin hole cameras was really good for the developing ideas aspect of our course work as it showed advanced photographic skills and the ability to not only to take photos but to understand how cameras work and how to make them.

After developing our rolls of Ilford FP4 35mm film, which is actually easier than you might think, we discovered that we had some very interesting and unexpected results!  Because we held our cameras when the shutter was open, our pictures were quite blurry from us moving about.  Here are a few examples of the pictures we took with the pinhole cameras.

Our pinhole camera pictures are best viewed from a distance, squinting your eyes and reminded us of many of the earliest photographs ever taken.

This is one of us in the foreground and someone walking behind – it looks a little spooky!
Winchester High Street looking towards the Buttercross
Not too sure about this one! Also, our film winding was a little off!

Click the link to view the Orms TV video tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEhk7lZhGIA)

and print the pinhole camera schematics and instructions by clicking on this link  http://bit.ly/17jZFvb.

Our tips and tricks:

  1. Watch the video tutorial, we would have done things a little differently!
  2. We found that using a thick black card, made the camera more sturdy
  3. Cut out everything very precisely!
  4. Find something sturdy, like a wall or a tripod, to place the camera on whilst the shutter is open
  5. Make notes about what you have taken a picture of, like the exposure information and what your subject is.

We found the project to be really fun and interesting to learn about how cameras actually work. We would like to try it again, using our own tips and tricks to improve our final images!

Until next time, Izzy and Ruby

Why bridal portraits help you avoid wedding day catastrophe

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H4Photo bridal portraitsdvd014H4Photo bridal portraitsH4Photo bridal portraits

What exactly is a bridal portrait session?

Bridal portraits happen when a bride and a photographer team up to make some beautiful images. It is a favourite part of many wedding photography packages in America, although probably more popular in the southern US, than the north. Bridal sessions are valuable in that there is rarely enough time on your wedding day, to devote to getting a few gorgeous images of you alone, in all your finery!

Why should I go to all that trouble?

Well, aside from the fact that it’ll be fun and a whole day of ‘me’ time, think nails, hair and makeup, it is a chance to make sure that your wedding day look, works as you had planned. Negotiate an extra trial for your hair and makeup and ask your florist to make a smaller trial bouquet for your bridal portraits. The resulting images will be cherished by your future husband, not to mention your parents and it’s another opportunity to wear that gorgeous dress!

Just how well do you know your wedding dress?

At a bridal portrait session, you going to find out how well your wedding dress fits, how easily it moves, how it feels like when you sit in it. You will experience its weight, and figure out how tight is too tight??!! I have actually had a bride faint during a bridal portrait session, due to her dress being laced too tight. I did catch her though, without dropping my camera, and I have the shoulder injury to prove it!!

Wedding dresses come with all kinds of petticoats, zips, straps, ribbons, lace, buttons and what the heck are those extra fabric panels for? You will also find out how well your underwear works under your dress; does it cut into in to you, does it cause chafing etc. How tight do you tie your petticoat, and where on earth does that go? I would rather you find out 6 weeks before, than on the morning of your wedding!

Some wedding dresses have a bustle, which I highly recommend by the way, as they are very elegant and functional, although at times notoriously complicated! It will help tremendously if at least one person has bustled your dress before your wedding day. As your photographer, I will have witnessed the bustling on the day of the bridal portraits, and may be able to step in to help, if need be.

H4Photo bridal portraits


This is also a great opportunity for your entourage to learn how to get you into your dress successfully, saving you time and stress on your wedding day. A dress rehearsal gives you time to make modifications to your plan ahead of your actual wedding day, changing unknowns into known!

Do your shoes fit?H4Photo bridal portraits

At your bridal portrait session I would encourage you to wear comfortable shoes to do all the walking from one location to the next, but you will find out very quickly if your wedding shoes are bearable! You’ll be standing for several minutes at a time for some poses, walking quickly for others and possibly even spinning. Your bridal portrait session will give you a very good idea of how your shoes will perform walking down the aisle!

How does that elaborate ‘up do’ handle the perspiration, heat and all that dancing?

Your bridal portrait session is a great opportunity to test out that wedding hair! Based on your experience you may tweak your look a little, based on its longevity in the real world! Most brides will have at least one hair trial before their wedding day, so make the best use of it and have it photographed from all angles. You may just discover that you’d prefer a different hair style for your actual wedding day.



H4Photo bridal portraits

To veil or not to veil, that is the question!

There seems to be a trend lately where brides forgo veils, and I completely understand why, however, they do look beautiful in portraits and can be used for lots of fun shots. I would recommend getting a veil, or even borrowing one for your bridal portraits!

H4Photo bridal portraits

When should I do my bridal portraits?

Typically bridal portraits are photographed anywhere from 1-2 months before your wedding. This will give me more than enough time to process your images and arrange printing and framing for any that you might want to display at your wedding breakfast and reception. Several of my brides have given their Dads a little gift of a bridal portrait photo right before walking down the aisle!

Who do I bring to my bridal portrait session?

Please bring two people, if at all possible. I have all my equipment to carry and my assistant is too busy helping me with the photography, lighting and that darn sheet! Many brides bring their mums, bridesmaids, sisters or best friends.

Do I wear my wedding dress to travel to the shoot?

You could, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Wear something that is comfortable and bring your dress with you. You can change at the venue and worst case scenario, I have a pop-up changing tent that many a bride has changed in! Many brides will wear leggings with a loose shirt button up shirt or tube top, making it a little easier to get in and out of their wedding dresses.

fun bridal photographyH4Photo bridal portraitsH4Photo bridal portraits

Won’t my dress get dirty?

My assistant and I will make every effort possible to keep your dress in pristine condition. You will be asked to bring a cheap, clear or white shower curtain liner or a white sheet and whenever your dress is on the ground, it will be resting on a protective layer. This is actually one of the reasons you will be standing in one position for a while, it takes time to protect the dress whilst getting the perfect pose and hiding the sheet! That being said, I can’t guarantee that absolutely nothing will happen to your dress. Fortunately, if it were to get a little dirty, it will be on the underside and not be visible when you walk down the aisle.

Here’s a list of things to bring to your bridal portrait session!



Lifestyle shoots for your business? Well, why not?

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Forest Strollers dogs running Lifestyle

Did someone yell ‘sausages??

As a small business owner, I know how important it is to make a good first impression on clients, and in some ways it’s even more important to make an excellent impression on prospective clients! This is something that H4Photo can help you with by providing a lifestyle shoot with a focus on your business!

I literally just got off the phone with a client who wants to send the right message to his prospective clients. He is a medical professional so immediately, I thought of the following words: professional, approachable, trustworthy, kind, responsible, friendly, caring, competent etc., you get the picture, no pun intended! It’s important that his patients-to-be can tell this much about him by just looking at his website.

It’s not what, it’s YOU!

I read an article last week about how important it is to share a little of the person behind the business. Very often, the reason why someone frequents a business, is not because of what they sell, or the service they provide but rather who is selling to them, or providing that service. As business owners, we are woven into the threads of our business and for us, it’s not a job but a way of life. So, we give it everything we’ve got, throw our hearts and souls into it and know, that if we could just get to talk to prospective clients about our business, our passion, our ‘baby’, we’d sign them up as clients for life!

We all know that word of mouth advertising is king, but it takes a while to get to the point where most of our business comes from referrals. For me personally, that took 4 years!

My client Amanda, has a dog walking and boarding business in the New Forest, called Forest Strollers. Amanda has a certification in Canine Studies and is qualified to do CPR on dogs. She has a lovely comfy van to pick up her client’s dogs for their walks and Amanda charges a very fair price. Forest Strollers even has amazing testimonials! These are all verifiable facts, but what you couldn’t possibly know about Amanda, is how much she loves dogs and how much they love her back.

That’s where the benefit of a lifestyle shoot becomes very clear. I spent a couple of walks with Amanda, in two different locations, and photographed her interacting with the dogs in her care. Even my little Bella went along for the walks and I have to say that since then, Bella loves Amanda. She respects, and listens to her and trusts her completely! I photographed the process of what Amanda’s business is, how she creates the end result which is a happy, content, well exercised dog!

What I tried to do during the time that we spent together is capture that personality and zest for life that Amanda has. The positive, happy energy of the dogs is evident in the pictures too. Hopefully, when people go looking on the Forest Strollers website, the pictures will tell the story and fill in the gaps for the people who haven’t met Amanda yet! Here are a few images from our session together –

Forest Strollers swimming dogs lifestyle

Most dogs love swimming, even in the chilly weather!


Forest Strollers lifestyle

At a favourite swimming hole in the New Forest


Forest Strollers with Britannia lifestyle

This happened to be a day when Britannia sailed in Southampton and the dogs all wanted to photo bomb my shot, who am I to say no? 😉


Forest Strollers dogs chasing stick lifestyle

A BIG puddle, a stick and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic day!


Forest Strollers dogs in the New Forest liestyle

Enjoying the New Forest swimming hole!


Forest Strollers dog walking lifestyle

These two posers could make up part of a calendar! Gorgeous pups!

H4Photo opens a photography studio!

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We now have a photography studio, a genuine H4Hq!

I can’t believe that it’s been so long since my last post, but I guess, as with everyone and everything, sometimes life just gets in the way!

Since my last post, the business has gone through some twists and turns and finally emerged as a more credible and focussed enterprise, with clear goals! The question: ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’, never seems to have an exact time and place in one’s career or one’s life, we’re all constantly evolving and resetting our goal posts! Okay, enough philosophy!

The biggest news is that H4Photo now has a photography studio to call home! H4HQ is in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, in a stunning area very close to the village of Droxford. Despite being firmly entrenched in the country, it’s actually only 20 minutes from my home in Winchester and it’s technically in Southampton! We still have a few more items on our checklist to do before the open day, but we are getting there!

H4Photo Studio

At our new studio with the dogs!


The studio allows more creativity!

Having a studio, and full time place of business is going to be very important to us. We will still be photographing weddings and portraits, but we will now be offering commercial product photography with competitive rates to all businesses. We plan to offer extra special rates to small businesses, giving them the visual tools to set their products above the rest! We will also be working on commercial projects with larger businesses of all types too. Oh yes, we don’t have to worry about the rain anymore and if you have your heart set on an outdoor shoot and it’s raining, thanks to some awesome technology, we now have the ability to provide you with an ‘indoor, outdoor’ shoot!

We would like to invite you all to join us at our studio open day, on the 31st October from 10am to 2pm. Bring the children by in their Halloween costumes for a free photo and treats. We will also have more adult style treats too, so bring a designated driver! If you’re on facebook, please join our event to we can correctly gauge the amount of Prosecco to bring!

H4Photo Studio views

Just a short walk from the H4Photo Studio!

We are really looking forward to getting involved in the community of the villages of Droxford, Corhampton, Meonstoke and others and in fact, we will be attending several events in the next month.

We will be at the Meonstoke Toddler Group‘s fundraiser on the 7th November, at Meon Hall in Meonstoke. We’ll be at the Pop Up Coffee Shop event on the 13th November at the Soberton Village Hall and on the 21st November, we will be at the Droxford Christmas Market at the square in Droxford.

Also, from the 1st November, until the 13th of December, we are offering our annual Christmas Special Portrait sessions. You can either book one via the website and come in for a portrait session, or purchase a session gift voucher for future use. Either way, it’s a great deal! The package costs £65 and includes the digital images with permission to print!

H4Photo Studio sessions

Available as gift vouchers too!

We hope to see you all soon!


New Forest Wedding

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A few weeks ago, I photographed a beautiful New Forest wedding. The ceremony took place at St. Mary’s in Copythorne, Hampshire and the wedding breakfast and evening reception was held at the well-known, Mortimer Arms  which is right at the entrance to Paulton’s Park!

I really loved this wedding because of it’s simple elegance. The bride and groom wanted the whole day to be as laid back as they are. The bride, along with her bridesmaids made their own stunning bouquets with flowers from M&S and the cartoon-like drawings of the very talented groom graced the covers of their orders of service and even the top of the wedding cake.

The flower girls carried tulle pom-pom wands made by the Pom-Pom Shack, which is based in Winchester, Hampshire. The pom-poms matched their beautiful dresses just perfectly!

The bride and her mother arrived at the church in a beautiful vintage Rolls Royce, owned and operated by Abbey Cars, based in the Southampton area.

The beautiful wedding cake was made by the groom’s mother and it’s simplicity reflected the laid back personalities of the happy couple.

The bride’s dress was handmade by Barbara Webb, a very talented dressmaker in Bitterne, Hampshire. The dress was just perfect for this beautiful bride. It was elegant, soft and it photographed very well!

New Forest Wedding

The beautiful wedding rings


Wedding Details

Elegant wedding details


Wedding Details

Wedding rings with mint green ribbon


Wedding dress

The wedding dress with a bridesmaid’s dress


handmade wedding dress

Beautifully made by Barbara Webb of Bitterne, Southampton.


Handmade wedding dress

The attention to detail and obvious passion that went into the making of this dress was so apparent!


Orders of service

The design on the orders or service was made by the groom, who by the way is also a magician and children’s entertainer!


Flower girls in mint green

Sweet little flower girls with their pom-pom wands – they took their job very seriously!



The groom and his best-man wore yellow buttonholes with their smart grey suits and colourful green ties.



St. Mary’s Copythorne, Hampshire


Abbey Cars

The bride and her mother arrived in a gleaming vintage Rolls Royce!


Bride's bouquet

This stunning bouquet was made by the bride and her bridesmaid with flowers purchased from M&S the day before the wedding!


Abbey Cars

The happy bride with her mum, arriving at the church.


Rolls Royce, Abbey Cars

The vintage Roll Royce is a very stylish way to arrive at your wedding!



It’s a thumbs up and ready to get married from the groom and best-man!


New Forest wedding

The bride with her bouquet, as she gets ready to meet her groom!


New Forest wedding

The cute little flower girls heading down the aisle


New Forest wedding

The handsome groom as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress!


New Forest wedding

The bride and her mother walking down the aisle


New Forest wedding

St. Mary’s Church in Copythorne


New Forest wedding

St. Mary’s Church, Copythorne


New Forest wedding

A kiss seals the deal!


New Forest wedding

What a lovely church for a wedding!


New Forest wedding

The groom and his crazy friends!


New Forest wedding

The bride with her bridesmaids!


New Forest wedding

The wedding party in their finery


New Forest wedding

Just Married!


New Forest wedding

This is a lovely setting for a photograph!


New Forest wedding

Beautiful old church, St. Mary’s, Copythorne


New Forest wedding

The softness of the beautiful wedding dress makes this shot!


New Forest wedding

A quick kiss for the beautiful bride!


New Forest wedding

No need to crack a joke with these two very happy people!


New Forest wedding

A little walk in the church grounds and a few precious minutes of ‘alone’ time before meeting their guests.


New Forest wedding

The Rolls Royce makes a great prop!


New Forest wedding

I always say that only a real man can carry a bouquet and look good doing it! 😉


New Forest wedding

I always like to do at least one of these poses in the car in black and white. It works well with the vintage car.


Mortimer Arms

This is the framed signing mat that comes will all of my packages. It’s a great way to display one of your pre-wedding portraits and it’s an alternative to a guestbook!


Place Cards

All of the place cards were made by the groom. I thought they were so creative and very personal too!


Place cards

This groom did his fair share of the wedding preparation!


Bridesmaid's bouquet

This is one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets, handmade by the bride and a friend.


Mortimer Arms

Whew, the food at the Mortimer’s Arms was delicious and those Yorkshire puddings are the largest I’ve ever seen!


New Forest wedding

The cake topper made by the groom!!


New Forest wedding

I loved this cake. Simple, delicious and very well presented by the groom’s mother!


New Forest wedding

What’s not to like about cheesecake? 😉


New Forest wedding

I love this moment shared by the bride and her maid of honour!


New Forest wedding

A surpise guest during the best-man’s speech! Hysterical and of course, the groom did not get off lightly !


New Forest wedding

To wind the groom up, the guests were handed envelopes with what the groom thought were embarrassing photos – hee hee! The desired effect was achieved!


New Forest wedding

The bride and groom, meanwhile, were looking at the actual embarrassing photos! Very funny, Mr Best-man!


New Forest wedding

Beautifully simple flowers on the tables – I just loved the feel of this wedding!


Wedding photography at Bishopstrow House Hotel

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Some of my favourite wedding photography at Bishopstrow House Hotel!

Back in May, I was privileged to photograph what has turned out to be one of my favourite weddings. The wedding was intimate, 29 people, including the bride and groom, but boy was it special!

Rachel and Josh had been together for many years and having 3 children, they really wanted to include them in every aspect of the wedding. The style of the wedding was very elegant and classy, but also laid back and comfortable.

Thanks to the hard-working staff at the Bishopstrow House Hotel, the day flowed beautifully, and without stress! What a beautiful venue, delicious food and every need catered to by very professional hotel staff.

The beautiful floral arrangements were created by The Cornflower Floral Design, who are based in Warminster, Wilstshire.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Honeymoon Suite at Bishopstrow House

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The beautiful entrance at Bishopstrow House Hotel

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The wedding dress; simple and very elegant!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The bride wanted a rustic element to the wedding. The invitations and ring pillow were beautifully presented.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Bridal shoes with the stunning bridal bouquet.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The bouquet was beautifully hand-tied and I used a part of the bow to photograph the wedding rings.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The wedding rings on the bridal bouquet is always a favourite shot of mine.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The bride’s bouquet with two mini replicas for the girls.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The honeymoon suite is a lovely large room with really unique and beautiful decor

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Last minute check in the mirror!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Bridal bouquet against the wedding dress – a perfect match!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The bride with the groom’s wedding ring.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

What a great moment with the bride and groom’s youngest – it was all a big much for the little fella!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Flowergirls/junior bridesmaids bouquets against their lovely dresses.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Beautiful pose from the bride in the last few moments before heading down the aisle!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Stunning flowers on the table in the ceremony room.


H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The handsome groom with the bride’s ring

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Groom with the bride’s ring

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The groom and his bestman

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A quiet moment for the groom

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A little monkey business for the pre-ceremony jitters!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The ceremony room at the Bishopstrow House – very elegant.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The bride and her father; ready to walk down the aisle.

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

I think the bridesmaids were the most excited!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Together at last!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The legal declarations

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A fun reading, very well read by the bridesmaids!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The wedding vows

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The ring vows

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A sweet moment after the kiss that sealed the deal!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

It wasn’t legal until the little guy signed too!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

What a meaningful ceremony!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The bride and her bridesmaids

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

I love this photo of the wedding party – everyone doing their own thing!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

At the Bishopstrow House entrance

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Such a beautiful location for a romantic photograph!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Impressive entrance to the hotel

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

On our way to the Doric Temple

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

On the way to the Doric Temple

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A sweet moment before conquering the mud between us and the temple!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

What a gorgeous place for a memorable shot

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Beautiful couple

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A lovely woodland backdrop is a great bonus!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

In keeping with the elegant, rustic these, these were the favours for each guest – all handmade!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

The beautiful wedding cake was made by one of the bride’s best friends – wow!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

Enjoying their wedding breakfast!

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

After the cake cutting


H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A toast to the bride and groom

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

A kiss on the beautiful staircase

H4Photo - Bishopstrow House Hotel Wedding

One last photo of the day

Wedding photography at the Hampshire Court Hotel

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I recently photographed  June & Steven’s wedding at the Hampshire Court Hotel in Basingstoke, Hampshire. What a gorgeous wedding with an elegant colour theme of purples and lilacs, accented with delicate butterflies.

I loved the decor in the honeymoon suite at the Hampshire Court Hotel. It was a mix of modern and retro, very effective  indeed!

Wedding shoes

Wedding shoes

rings on invitation

Weddings rings on the invitation

rings in rose

Wedding rings in bridal bouquet


June looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful wedding dress as she made her grand entrance, and walked down the aisle to meet Steven, her true love!

wedding dress and shoes

Wedding dress and shoes


The bridesmaids looked beautiful in their refreshingly different dresses which echoed the wedding theme, right down to the butterflies! The bridesmaids also had lovely wrist corsages rather than bouquets. The flower girl had a lovely white dress with a sash of purple roses.


Bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses


June’s hair and makeup were done by the very talented Amida at the Red Carpet Salon Spa. Amida kept the mood light and entertaining as she worked her magic!


Make up application


Wedding preparations


June and Steven picked The Flower Tree, located at the Viables Craft Centre, for their wedding flowers. Trust me, I really get a close up look at these when I’m photographing them and they were just beautiful! The main flowers were stunning purple cala lilies and lavender roses.


Bride’s Bouquet


Beautiful Bride!


Bride having a peak!


The wedding was officiated by the most photographer friendly registrar I have ever met. Thanks to Cassie, I was able to really capture all the special moments during the ceremony. I sometimes wonder about all the wedding officiates that restrict photographers so much. In my opinion, the only ones they are thinking of, is themselves. I’ve never met a bride and groom who didn’t want their ceremony photographed and it’s such a shame not being able to capture those special ‘first’ moments.


Ceremony at Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke


The Hampshire Court Hotel was beautifully set up for the ceremony, complete with elegant chair covers and purple sashes.

wedding photography Hampshire court hotel

Ceremony setup at Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke


Beautiful table centrepieces


Wedding breakfast menu


Bride and Groom

bride and groom

Bride and Groom at sunset

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Bride and groom first dance

Bride and Groom’s first dance

First Dance

First Dance


Steven and June selected Ian James Discoteque for their DJ. Ian really did a good job getting people on the floor dancing and having a great time!

DJ Ian James

DJ – Ian James Discoteque

H4Photo is back from Turkey!

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T6959c T6971c T6972c T7016c T7046c T7187cHi Everyone, I hope you’ve all been well while I’ve been gone? The H4Photo team had a fantastic time in Turkey and we can definitely recommend going there!

It’s back to work though and it’s a busy week! Lots of images to get online from family photography shoots before we left, a commercial photography shoot in Southampton (eek – jewellery!!!), a wedding rehearsal, two weddings this next weekend (yippee!), one in Southampton and one in Basingstoke and a lovely wedding album to present to a special couple who are expecting their first baby!!
Well, I’d better get on with it, but here are a few shots from our holiday that we’d like to share with you. 😉

Have a fantastic week everyone!

Photographing Children

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newborn photography

Picture of contentment!

Today was one of those truly magical days where everything just seemed to work perfectly! It was a beautiful day and the easy drive to Warsash, Hampshire, to photograph two beautiful children, was a bonus!

Almost three years ago, I was privileged to be invited to photograph a new family. Abigail was just a few days old when we did her newborn portrait session, but within a few shots, she had stolen my heart with her smiles. I had the opportunity to photograph Abby again when she was a little over a year old and today I photographed her 5 week old sister for the first time.

Photographing children is something that is very close to my heart. Having never had children of my own, I think I approach each children’s photo session with an excitement, anticipation and curiosity that is unique to someone who has never lived with little ones 24/7. At times, I think that my diminutive  subjects and I are equally curious about one another!

girl in pink

A photographer’s dream

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